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Sep 02, 2017Having said all that my cordless angle grinder is only 14.4V and worse still it is on a dual voltage grinder designed to use either 14.4V or 18V. Consequently it overloads and cuts out with very little provocation. The 18V battery may be much better. This was my fault as I ended up with five 14.4V batteries and wanted to make the most of them.

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Things you do when you own a surface grinder..

Aug 26, 2015A few months ago I purchased a JS surface grinder. Since then I have gone a bit grinding mad. I plan on using this thread to post a few photos of projects that make it onto my grinder. It should also be a place for others to post their grinder projects if they wish..

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200mm Bench Grinders what spinny things can be used?

Mar 13, 2014I bought one for my grinder, used it a couple of times and never used it since then. Flap wheels are easier to use on angle grinders. at higher RPMs. The forum sponsor sells swansdown mops of the highest quality. I would get the Beal mops from Carroll's wood supplies, I use them and would recommend the kit. SB eBay Hare Forbes

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